Monday, September 19, 2011

Cognitive Dissonance

I have read this article at least five tmes and I still am in the dark. However I do understand what Cognitive dissonance means. I believe everyone goes through this every day and we dont realize it; or we did and never knew this is what it was called. If Iam reading this right then you could say we experience this when we try on different outfits and when we try new things that dont go right. When we see that something doesnt match or the thing we tried, like maybe going, dosnt go right, we work to make it bettter. We find new recipes or spice up the food or maybe when we cant pick the right outfit, we motivate ourselves to find the better looking things, to be better. However, reading about those people who really thought the UFO was coming was crazy to me. Yet they still have the Cognitive dissonance occur because they thought if they changed A they would get B. We go through this kind of dissonance everyday weither its school, work, or something you try to do every day, we always seem to want to make ourselves better.

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