Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pep Talks as a Motivational Source

In many sports, "pep talks" are given before and in between games by coaches as a way to fire up or to motivate their team to go out and outperform their opponent. Although it may seem as pointless to some people, these speeches are often highly praised by many athletes. To put it simply, some coaches possess this natural ability to speak in such a manner that can change the pace of a team in a heartbeat. Another way of classifying pep talks would be under the category of extrinsic motivation. This means that the motivation comes from an outside source rather than from within. Sometimes the ability to motivate a team separates the great coaches from the average coaches. I can personally speak on this matter; I come from a very heavy sports background and have had the opportunity to play for a coach that had this fiery capability of getting us ready for any game. I can honestly say that I much prefer to play for a coach that can pump a team up before a big game than to play for a more passive coach; you'd be surprised how big of a difference it can actually make. Some coaches' speaking abilities are highly regarded and sought after, an example of this is how some companies will pay coaches to come into their place of business and speak. The purpose of them speaking to a company is to motivate the work staff and to increase work morale. Say what you will, but having the ability to speak in such a manner can lead you to great success in sports.

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  1. pep talks are definitely one of my favorite ways i motivate myself from other people.. It helps to hear someone else advice you on topics that they have already been through.