Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Going with the flow

How to Make the Most of Your Life and Finding Inspiration :  Just Close Your Eyes and Go With the Flow while keeping the important things close to you

If you ask me what I find hard, the answer is finding inspiration. Because there are so many things to care about in life, it is difficult to discover those ideas that actually have meaning. Finding purpose to life may not be easy and it definitely isn't for me. I've noticed that when I try, I fail, but when I don't try, things kind of fall in place. When I don't try, meaningless things may find meaning while on the other hand when I try, meaningful activities lose value. It is contradictory, but it happens with me. 

What should you do? Well, I think the first thing is to quit trying, and this is an idea by Mark Manson I learned. Mark Manson, the author of "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fu**" has the brilliant idea and makes sure to go and make this substantial point throughout the book. 

Keeping things open and willing to spend time on them is key. If we have a narrow minded approach, then we won't be able to keep up this wonderful pursuit of seeking inspiration in unique places, locations,and discover the beauty there is to life. 

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  1. Having a narrow minded approach is definitely detrimental to progress and growth. I find I'm most productive and successful when I've accepted all possible outcomes of a situation.