Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Food neophobia

Food neophobia is generally viewed as the unwillingness to eat, or the prevention of, new foods. Food neophobia is often shown in children.  The important thing for parents to do is to be supportive as they try new foods. Reassuring them that they don’t have to like it could help as well. The child’s opinion about the food has to be respected maybe they truly just don’t like it. Pressuring them to like it can cause them to not want to try different types of food. Food neophobia is different than finicky eaters. Children of all ages know what they like and don’t like but that’s because they are will to try them. Children with food neophobia do not even want o try the food. I know a young boy who only eats chicken nuggets and buttered pasta. His mom has tried to encourage him to try different foods but he refuses them and gets upset. He would  not be considered a finicky eater because he will not even try the different foods.