Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Alcoholic addiction:

I think with all addictions, it begins with a craving. A craving is an overwhelming or uncontrollable feeling to use a substance. As young adults, we tend to get persuaded more often because we live in an environment where using drugs such as marijuana and drinking alcohol is part of the norm to be honest. I remember in high school, during the weekends it was all about going out with your friends and drinking alcohol at parties. I truly believe it begins with small things like drinking alcohol, then escalating to smoking marijuana to trying stronger drugs. You can call this “a phase” or a period of time when trying new things is accepted and often encouraged by others. I think an addiction gets terribly worst when a person has nothing to look forward to except to consume that substance. For example, working a 9-5 job can really stress some people out and cause them to consume more alcohol or drug substance to relive some stress, it sounds pathetic but it happens.

An addiction can then occur and cause that individual to start relying on that substance to get through the week. An addiction according to our slides is an “intense craving, seeking out, and use of a particular drug”. From experience, I have seen innocent, honest people turn to addicts and it’s an overwhelming sensation because you want to help but don’t know the exact words to say to begin helping.  I think an addiction can be overcome, but it defiantly takes time and lots of effort and this is maybe why people tend to disregard help. I also know there will never be an end to the drug war we face in the United States, but I truly believe the first step to helping others is by first knowing or seeing what others go through before judging others. It’s all about a person’s perception I think.