Monday, August 7, 2017

Sex Addiction


Sex addiction is unlike any other addiction. Mainly because it’s not recognized my many, and there’s no actual medication for it. Some psychological effects are feelings of depression, shame and emotionally distress. I believe individuals who are addicted to sex, use it as a means to escape from reality. In most cases, people who are sexually addicted have experienced some kind of past traumas or negative experience that has permanently affected their state of mind.  Sex addicts spend a great deal of time either fantasying or engaging in sexual behaviors.  Like an addiction,   the recovery aspect depends on the willfulness of the person and their determination to seek help.  From researching, I’ve found that most people who are sex addicts either have one or more of the following addictions; drugs, gambling, eating and shopping.
In most cases, people who are sex addicts still can maintain a relationship. However, there’s a great possibility that they may cheat on their significant partner.  The difference between a cheater and a sex addict is hard to tell apart. Mainly because a cheater will tend to act on impulsive behavior to fulfill their needs, whereas an addict will engage in these behaviors without feeling emotionally connected or attached.
Having a sex addiction can lead to severe losses in life. This is mainly because they spend a great deal of their time thinking about sexual behaviors. The cost of effect is that they will care less of other obligations such as their occupation, spouses and disregard the possibility of getting exposed to sexually transmitted diseases.  There are a lot more affects and they are as followed in the below chart.


  1. Great point in stating that sexual addiction may be used in an effort to escape from reality.

  2. I took an addictions class last semester and that was the first time I really learned a lot of information about sex addictions. I learned that people can maintain a relationship while being a sex addict but will most likely cheat on their partner.

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