Friday, August 4, 2017


I was very excited to see that instead of a traditional textbook, we would be reading about Shackleton's amazing expedition. This is a true feat of motivation as he must have been incredibly motivated in order to undertake such a hard journey for little rewards. It is his motivation that keeps him going through the cold and icy days in the arctic. Beginning this book, I found myself excited to read about his journey and to see what would happen to his crew and him.
I can understand why it was assigned as this is a true life example of staying motivated. A lot of times, it is hard to find the motivation just to get out of bed on a cold morning. But Shackleton found a way to keep himself and his men motivated as they travelled through treacherous territories. It truly is a real life example of staying motivated

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  1. I also enjoyed the book and agree it was a nice break from having to read a regular textbook. It was a great choice by the professor and was a good real life example to apply to this class. I was amazed at how the crew stayed motivated and optimistic no matter what obstacles came their way. Shackleton had to be a great leader to keep his crew going despite how hard it got.