Tuesday, August 8, 2017

How bad do you want success?

How bad do you want it? (Success)

I believe being successful in life is about having a healthy relationship amongst your friends, family but most importantly with yourself (the way you view yourself). Nowadays, it’s too easy to get distracted about the important things in life such as keeping in contact with close friends and parents because we’re constantly trying to multitask, with work, school or with personal issues.  As a result, we forget about our goals and dreams in life. For some, these goals may be to simply make enough money to support their parents, others will dream of travelling the world, and others will attempt reaching their goals and fail trying.  I believe life is too short to take for granted and waste time, and because of this, I’ve learned to take more risk in life. I’ve failed miserably many times since then but when I accomplish something significant like graduating top 3 in my police academy, it makes the entire wait and fail attempts worth the thrill. Some days are rougher than others, and lately I’ve been having more of these days but I know with every attempt at reaching my goal, I will become that more determine and satisfied when my hard work is recognized.  I’m currently working as a law enforcement officer at the Atlantic City Police department and it’s been a thrilling first year, I’ve had many fail attempts at things such as helping people find their lost kid(s) but then there’s days such as when I helped seize a gun of a criminal with outstanding warrants that make every single moment worth it all. What helps me get through the bad times is viewing videos of people who are inspirational such as Eric Thomas. I’ve attached one of my favorite videos of him below for you guys to watch. Hope u enjoy it.

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