Tuesday, August 8, 2017

To Drink, or Not to Drink; That is the Question

I found the concept of self-control to be quite compelling. As most would assume it to be a matter of one's own willpower, it is instead an issue of conflicting outcomes. The example given in our class slides illustrate this point by mentioning the prospect of alcohol consumption. There are both negative and positive effects that can result from an individual "throwing a few back." Negative outcomes can result in a person suffering from a wicked hangover the following day and/or cause a person to make less-than-ideal choices while intoxicated. Positive outcomes can include feelings of tranquility and/or a substantial increase in their self-confidence. By choosing to practice the element of physical restraint, one is able to prevent a potentially problematic situation by weighing the options of all likely outcomes.

Sources: Introduction to Learning and Behavior (Russel A. Powell, P. Lynne Honey, Diane G. Symbaluk); Psych 3380 class slides (Mark Berg)


  1. I really love this example you came up with! I always say to myself before a night of drinking- do I want to drink so much so I die tomorrow, or should I wake up and go for a run? Physical control is sometimes so hard, especially around all of my friends and family who are all pressuring me to have a good time. I think the conflict of self control also comes the morning after when you feel so sick and wish you hadn't done all that drinking.

  2. Chelsea, completely agree with you. Self-control is one of if not the hardest tasks. But, it comes with self-discipline and also a whole lot of patience.

    Don't worry since we aren't perfect. It's good that you at least try!

  3. The concept of self controlling is very interesting indeed, mainly because you figure out how long you can restrain your body from consuming a subtance or performing an action. In this situation, the restrain to consume alcohol are a major dilemma in today's society for many people. Some consume to ease away stress, other use alcoholic as a means to escape reality.
    Many young adults tend to consume alcohol to fit in a group, others use it because it increases there self confidence, whatever it may be, the affects of consuming alcohol Is different amongst people, some are worst then others.