Thursday, August 3, 2017


 Why do people continue their addiction even when they know it is harming them and can cause death? Addiction is a disorder affecting a wide range of people. Drugs are not the only things people are addicted to. Other addictions are alcohol, food, sex, exercising and many more. Long-term abusers have many behavioral consequences, because their brain functioning changes. These changes can control the use of drugs despite the consequences. Over time people use more and more of the substance since they gain a tolerance and need to get a better “high”. Their reward system controls the body and what motivates the person to repeat behaviors, which can lead a person to take a drug again or again. Addiction often involves cycles of relapse and remission just like other chronic diseases. Without treatment or arrangement in recovery activities, addiction is progressive and can result in disability or premature death.


  1. I love how you brought up the concept that addiction is not just drugs. So many people feel they do not have an addiction. It is hard for some to come to the realization. I feel that many people that have a non-drug addiction feel it is not an addiction because it is not associated with drugs. It is also important for people to know there are places to get help for all different types of addictions.

  2. Samantha, I think there's no correct answer as to why people continue their addiction when they know they are at fault. However, I do believe some people continue their addiction, to escape from reality. I know past trauma events do play a role in addictions.
    I do with your statement regarding how over time people use more and more of the subtance because they develop a tolerance and need to get a "better high".
    You also pointed out a good point regarding the reward system and how it can control the body and motivate the person to repeat the behavior.