Monday, August 14, 2017

How To Go Through College

Staying Sane 

Now: You'll know the dangers of stress, what it does to you, and how to work it out

College Students this is especially for you

(I'm there for you)

This was a post I made on life hack. It helps us keep track of what we are doing in college and the steps we can do to lead a more relaxing and less stressful time in college. I thought this would be important in this motivational class hence I am providing this late. I just wanted to say that you are not alone when you have work to do and it seems like all hell is loose. You can and do have the resources indefinitely to help you stay sane and able to cope with the stresses and challenges of life.

A picture of stress: 
At its' highest 

College does have to be a completely terrible place. If we choose we can make the best time of it. We are definitely able to challenge them and fight off the bad. I know I too struggle with the challenges and demands of life. Sometimes I feel like I work my butt off only to be left with absolutely nothing. Many times it seems like all my hard work has not paid and I have wasted my hard work, time, and effort on something futile and which doesn't pay. But know this: you are so much stronger than you put yourself out to be. You are so much worthy than you think. You have everything you need. All you need to do is challenge that and make yourself all the more stronger and resilient, and hence your bravery will indeed shine through. 

Do you remember this? Do you recall being in this exact fetal position during your time spent in university? Well - I do. 

I have the most hardest and toughest time dealing with stress. Especially when it comes to school work, I find that I begin losing my mind quite easily. I notice the symptoms of being angry at everyone around me, wanting to hit my head on the wall, or even pulling my own sensitive hair out of place. At times this works. Other times it leaves me feeling bad about doing stuff ridiculously harmful to my body, emotional and physical well-being. 

Another very accurate depiction of the harm of stress:

But, remember this- you are absolutely and positively brilliantly able to perform at your greatest 

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