Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Book Report: Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience


I chose the book Flow for one reason and one reason only. I couldn't figure out how to define my idea of happiness. I've heard about this author when I attended a previous school, so I figured it was no better time than now to give it a chance. The book discusses how to manipulate your conscious awareness to help us find a way to experience life in the here and now and find enjoyment within those moments. People are constantly being held back because of factors that they can't control. Instead it is better to start at a baseline that allows you to control yourself and what you allow into your being because then flow is created. Controlling internal flow will cause the atmosphere around you to change which then creates an optimal experience. *WARNING* This does not occur without a challenge, test of resilience, and learning. It is meant to happen at a time when your back may be up against a wall, but you obtain victory. There is where happiness may be. Controlling your internal world is key to overcoming the external struggles one may face. In class, our first slides were dedicated to self-control. Taking those necessary moments to ponder on conflicting outcomes can better prepare us for the best steps to take to find our internal utopia.

Favorite Part/Real Life Application:

It's no surprise to me that I chose chapter 5, The Body as Flow more specifically the section discussing Sex as Flow, as my favorite part. I've always pondered on why I loved the honeymoon stage in relationships. No matter how much I have grown to love a person, those butterflies that I felt in the beginning aren't there any longer. It had gotten to a point that I'd rather just have an open relationship with my love interest so I could satisfy my emotional needs with them, but also continue to have peak physical experiences. In the book, the author pretty much reiterated what I have been learning as I get older. It is said that we have to learn how to create a complex love. Repeating experiences will get old for anybody. The fire that burned bright will begin to stop flickering. It is the job of the two people in the relationship to rediscover each other and invest attention to create those feelings of optimal love. "What is important is the general principle: that sexuality, like any other aspect of life, can be made enjoyable if we are willing to take control of it, and cultivate it in the direction of greater complexity."


  1. I have read this book as well. I agree with you, when people are engaging in a relationship the butterflies due fade away over time. However, I believe there are ways to keep that spark alive, it's difficult to do unless both parties are willing to put forth the effort to try new and exciting adventures. I've learned overtime people change and either the couple grows together or drifts apart when the communication of needs is no longer met.

  2. I completely agree with you about the honeymoon stage and how the butterflies we first feel about our significant other begins to fade away after awhile. I too have these feelings, and I can't come up with a possible explanation.
    I also like how you pointed out about when we try to control internal flow around us, it will cause the atmosphere around us to change which then creates an optimal experience