Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Normality of Drugs in College

 In high school, like many of other teenagers, I have always heard about the abundance of drugs that will be present on college campuses. Little did I know how popular, and normal it was among the people in college. In high school, the big thing to do was Marijuana. It was easy to get, and most people were too afraid to move onto the harder drugs. But now a days, I over hear people on campus  in between classes talk about Cocaine, Ecstasy, and other harder drugs like its no big deal. 

Image result for dare memes
 Although this picture is silly, it seems to be what people our age are doing. While some students claim that they are only using drugs to "have a good time", others will fall into a trap that will ruin their lives. Extended drug use can lead a person to have no money, it can ruin relationships, and can often leave them extremely sick or even dead. Most college students want to have a good time, but do not necessarily think about the potential long term effects of trying a drug one time. Next time you hear a friend talking about using drugs at the next party, just remind them of the bright future they have ahead of them.


  1. I enjoyed reading your post, even the photo. I agree with you, it is amazing how popular drugs are in school. I have always stayed away from drugs and actually never understood why people would even want to try anything. However, I have seen friends fall into drugs. It is a very sad and heartbreaking path. It also becomes very scary when the high they get is not enough, then they turn to stronger drugs. It is a viscious cycle, that no one deserves to get sucked into.

  2. Your post was interesting to read and unfortunately very accurate. I've heard many of the same things said by other students at school as well. Many college students are trying to have a good time by trying and exploring new things. It is sad how by doing this some students risk the chance of becoming addicted to drugs. They often think they can just try a drug and be done with it, but thats not always the case.