Thursday, August 3, 2017

Procrastination vs Self-Handicapping

For my entire life until this morning I truly thought that I was a procrastinator. I thought that I was just lazy and putting things off because I did not feel like doing them "right now." But after looking at the power points for the class and looking at the research we were provided. I am completely wrong.
I am a self-handicapper. I always have been. I am afraid of failing or not doing as well as I should therefore I wait until the last second to do it so that if I do fail I have an excuse to say "oh well I waited until last night to write this paper." I am not sure how to take that information because it opens up Pandora's box on other issues that I honestly either do not want to deal with or do not want to admit that I have. The main one being the fear of failure. I always knew that failure was a great inhibitor of my life but I thought that I was just lazy by putting things off while really I was being kind of a coward.


  1. True. Attitude plays a large role in determining how you treat life. It can blow the wind from your wings or you can use that wind to fly. It just is a matter of perspective.

  2. I also agree your attitude plays a big role in your life. I used to be terrified of failure in school and thought I was bad at assignments, so I would put them off or not put as much effort into them. I had to change my mindset and recognize my strengths and weakness and build myself up instead of letting that fear control me.

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