Saturday, November 6, 2010

We need Motivation

Motivation is what alters are behaviors to achieve certain goals. But what happens when there is no more motivation in one’s life? While everyone at some point suffers from a hard time in their life, it is important to take adequate care and measures to make sure that your back to being yourself as soon as possible. For those who are less fortunate to bounce back into a happier self and who do not seek medical or emotional health, depression or loss of motivation may occur.

Those who suffer the most from losing their motivation are teenagers. The majority of teenagers who have a lack of motivation and drive to achieve an important role in life usually take the wrong path of life. With a lack of motivation, a teenager will typically suffer with relationships with their parents, friends, and other people close to them. School work will also suffer, and when grades go down, the ability to graduate and move into a higher education or work field is very difficult. When they lack motivation the majority of these people will turn to the use of drinking and drugs. Due to the fact that drugs are easily accessible nowadays and alcohol found even in their own home, the use of these drugs will increase.

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  1. I believe that motivation is important for young people because once it is lost, it is hard to find again. I liked the message of your post. I think it's important for people to know that when someone doesn't have motivation, it causes a downward spiral in their life.