Thursday, November 4, 2010

Can we all really achieve it?

     According to Maslow and his pyramid of psychological needs I feel that he was right on target when it comes to the end and the ultimate feeling of self actualization. It seems to me that many people never reach the top of the pyramid at all in their lifetime. Many people may feel they are on the right track with getting all their 'ducks in a row' persay but then something always seems to happen. Catastrophes, I feel is a good way to put it when your whole view of the world falls apart and you are knocked down to picking up from the bottom again.

     Things causing this big set back could be a death in the family, job loss, rejection-resulting in low self esteem, cancer, a loss of house, and so on. There surely is a multitude of things that could take place. As I previously mentioned with the fact of few people ever reaching the self actualization mark at the top of the pyramid, I even feel that those who reach it had set backs in their lifetime at different points in time. Whichever the case for setbacks in life it seems appropriate to say that it takes a lot of motivation to strive for the top.

     I am wondering if many people stick to the bottom of the pyramid in the world in the sense that they can never really get out of that bottom tier. For some people it can be very hard to be able to have food and water every day. Those two features alone are important for our bodies to run. With the tier of belongingness I wonder also if many people move on from here with the respect of not being able to form good bonds and relations with friends and family. It seems like everyones world is different and it would be nice if everyone is able to move throughout the pyramid and reach the top at some point.

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