Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Opposites Attract

We talked about personality test. When I had my personality class two years ago we took all types of tests to look at what our personality types were. I tested an an introvert and intuitive. We were told that we try to balance ourselves out and are attracted to the opposites of us when we are trying to reach our balance point. This means that I would be attracted to anextroverted sensing person. This test was extremely accurate for me and it made me curious to take the Big 5 test. I found out that my strengths are how calm I am, agreeable, and conscientious. This is great to me. I feel like these are things I am proud of. However it rated me as conventional instead of open minded which is upsetting. I wonder if this means that I am drawn to people who are the opposite of what I rated. Does this mean that opposites attract? That is what everyone is told their whole lives. Maybe there is some truth to the matter. Maybe people search for their opposites so that they can feel whole.


  1. i think they do. i am very loud, outgoing, and talkative and only date very quite guys. my friends think that my bfs never talk bc they dont talk around people they dont know and are really shy but i like it bc when they do say something it is meaningful plus we always have great conversations. plus i talk enough for the both of us