Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Every time I have a paper, exam, or project due I am the biggest procrastinator. I will spend a few weeks to a month stressing about what is due but I never really do it. Instead I try to do relaxing things and put it off until the end.

Then the day before my paper or project is due or my exam date I will finally do my work or start studying. It seems to me that I can only study or do my work under this extreme pressure. I am able to do things like write a ten page paper in three hours and still get an A but sometimes I wonder if I didn’t wait until the night before could I reduce my stress levels.

Stress leads to many things and for me it mostly leads to a bad immune system so when I stress a lot I get really sick. If I didn’t put of all my work until the end I would not stress out as much. Also I take off a lot of work to finish projects that are due if I have to do them over the weekend while I work. My boss does not mind but this also affects my pockets which also cause stress.

The best solution for all of this would be to do my work in a timely fashion and not procrastinate but every one knows that that is easier said than done.


  1. It's nice to say that 'next semester I'll do all my work early so that I'm not stressing over it' but it never happens.The fact that you can write papers the night before and get high grades or pass your exams means that this system works for you and I am the same way. I alway want to do my work throughout the semester but it never happens that way.

  2. I always plan to do some of my homework, and I always end up doing something else. As much as I promise my self I will get organized and start early, I feel the later I actually start. I'm always pulling all nighters, and always stressed out!