Saturday, November 20, 2010


The act of procrastinating is something many of us do each and every day. Sometimes we are aware of it and then other times we are not. I for one procrastinate especially when it comes to school work and other important things that should be covered certainly ahead of time. There are even circumstances where it seems where that task will not be done and then I prevail at the very last second. Talking with close friends and students it appears to me that it gives us a kind of adrenaline rush in a good way.

This 'rush' does not necessarily take place with everyone but with some it surely does. With other people procrastination can take place due to depression, having a bad or off day, or it is simply a dreaded task that just keeps getting put off. Something interesting to note is when we really want to achieve a goal or want the final result we will rush to do it, again only applying to certain individuals. It has been said that right before a task should be done and over with the fight or flight kicks into gear.

Yes procrastination can be overcome but it takes focus and many other factors need to fall into place. Our stress levels need to be low, motivation needs to be high, being in a good mood certainly helps as well. It is never too late to be proactive with getting ones act together for future success.


  1. I enjoyed watching the youtube video. Not only was it comical but it is also very true! I do that kind of stuff all the timeee!

  2. i really enjoyed watching the youtube video and the picture was funny too. sad to say but i also procratinate alot, which is very bad!

  3. i do the same think i love the adrenaline rush it gives me, i can write a 10 page paper in 2 hours if i wait and still get an A.
    i like the video it was cute

  4. Although waiting to last minute causes anxiety, I also find myself to work better under pressure. Also I always finish everything on time with a good grade, so I do not have any negative reinforcement.