Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Laughing is the best medicine

Stress, it happens to us all! It can be caused by so many different outside forces of life such as work, school, money, family, etc. I feel that it is inevitable not to be stressed at least once a month. Last week by far was one of the most stressful weeks this semester. On top of having to study for midterms, I got stuck working, packing, moving, and doing my service learning hours. There was not a minute out of the day that I had time for myself. One night I even broke down, cried, and ended up sleeping fifteen hours, which was greatly needed.

When it comes to stress I feel the best little medicine you can give yourself is laughter. Usually I will try to talk to someone who always makes me laugh or watch a funny movie while going to bed. Anything to just stop the anxiety feelings I get. What also works if you have just five minutes is look up funny youtube videos. Last week I found one that had me laughing so hard my worries went away for just a few minutes. (below is the video) Other ways people release stress is by taking a walk. That little excise will help you organize your priorities and think of different ways to handle your stress, or it can even help you take your mind off everything is your seeing something peaceful while walking.

If being a student is not stressful enough adding everyday life to it is no help. Hopefully though I gave someone a new way to help them release the pressures of everyday life by making a smile on their face. : )


  1. Laughter is the best medicine! It is healthier to live life light heartedly and happily. When something is funny its easier to forget negativity and to move on in life. I often over analyze things and forget to laugh as of late. Check out this video its similar to yours. I believe I saw it on tosh.o one time.

  2. You can feel that, when you're stressed out and feel about to explode, a good comedian can do wonders for the spirit. Laughing releases endorphins that make you feel better, so, it's chemically proven to help you feel better. Also, it breaks what could be a destructive cycle of bad thoughts (we've all had those preparing for a test we're ill prepared for).