Thursday, November 4, 2010


Self-actualization. Do you have it? I feel I do! Don't know what it is? Well, I'll tell you. Self-actualization is to fullfill and utilize one's abilities and talents to the fullest in the area one chooses.

How do you fullfil self-actualization? Well Abraham Maslow has all the answers in his hierarchy of needs pyramid. What is his hierarchy on needs pyramid, you ask? Maslow created a pyramid with five different levels with the top having the most strength.

What are these levels you ask? The lowest level contains physiological needs. Physiological needs include food, water, sleep, and sex. Once you are able to maintain physiological satisfaction, its time to move on up to the next stage of the pyramid: safety needs. To fullfil safety needs, one must not have fear and anxiety. After safety needs are met, the next step to reaching self-actualization is belongingness. How do you establish belongness? By building strong relationships with with friends, family, and lovers. Next step is the need for esteem. This need can be met by respecting one self and others. Once you have complete all four stages, you are then ready to fullfil the ultimate goal of self-actualization. Now that you know the stages of the hierarchy, there is one question that has not been answered. How do you self-actualize? Well Carl Rogers has an answer. He believed that self-actualization can be reached through being genuine, accepting, and empathetic. So once you are ready to self-actualize, take those three qualities into mind.

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