Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dreams of Mega Millions

I always have the same goal fantasy about winning the mega millions. Almost all my friends are very poor and some even homeless. In my fantasy I always buy a block of houses and build my own community. I let my friends live in these houses but only the responsible ones and ones with kids. Then I make them pay rent and put it in a college fund for their children.

This fantasy is really my wish that I could help them all but I don’t have the money to do that. If I win the mega millions I could help so many people and that would be my main goal in life, to help people. That is why I am a psychology major. I hope that I can help as much people as possible but I know that I could help them greater with the right funding and that is why I dream of winning the mega millions.

I think that not having money hurts a lot of people and leaves good people homeless and with out hope.


  1. I definitely agree that this would be my fantasy too! It would be nice, wouldn't it? We wouldn't have to worry about struggling to pay the bills, Christmas shopping, paying the rent or buying a house, etc. It is sad to say that everything revolves around money, but it's true. It's as though if you don't have money, you are stuck with little or nothing at all. Money issues also causes many problems in relationships, which is a huge problem as well.

  2. I agree with your comment on using money to help people. That would definitely be a dream to help people with housing, food, clothes, etc. Although we may not have the financial means necessary to help, our time can be just as valuable. There are so many organizations that help the homeless, in which one can volunteer. That might be a great way to know you're helping others, even if it's not with money right now.