Friday, November 5, 2010

Hull's Drive Theory

S.A.T. - is - Faction

Preparing for College

We go to school to get good grades, because higher grades represent a hard working student. Most of us did well in high school to attend an accredited college, Right?

Perhaps the ability to continue to do well at any particular College or University?

Standardized test-taking classifies and evaluates students upon their academic ability. And yes, the S.A.T. ( of satisfaction) above is a typical 4 hour long test for prospective college students. Some Community Colleges don't accept them but four year Universities will. It's usually given on any given SATURDAY!

Get off

And learn on

We can relate our motives to do well in school in a variety of ways. But first, we must learn the core concepts of our bodies drive to satisfy a goal or incentive. There will always be stimuli in the environment that causes an internal drive.

According to the Hull's Drive Theory, our drive energizes behavior towards need satisfaction. In YES's case, the acceptance letters would resemble an external incentive for students. This school has great success rates because of their ability to meet the needs of each student. These students spend extra long hours preparing to meet application requirements. The families role is big to YES, because they understand that the students studying atmosphere at home can impact their ability to achieve.

In the end of the YES clip, I enjoyed the unique poster speeches. This allowed each YES High School graduate to prove to the younger students that their hard work paid off. These feelings of achievement can be extremely rewarding, hence, our vase growth in Education.

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