Thursday, November 18, 2010

Extroversion and Self Esteem

According to the book, extravert's are easier to put into a good mood rather than introverts. My brother and I are a good example of the extravert/ introvert comparison. My brother is very extraverted. He was always on prom court in High School and still continues to have a large circle of friends. He also enjoys participation in physical activities often because he is a physical education major. He is also into partying and having poker or game nights. He loves to try new things and excel at them. I am opposite because I would much rather hang out with one person rather than a group. I also do not like to party much because I do not like alcohol. I love to travel and experience and learn new things, but will not go out of my way to make new friendships. I am a friendly person and will be talkative only if I feel comfortable around a person. I enjoy relaxing and letting my mind be at ease when I have the free time. With out my relaxation I can not function. My brother can be out all night and then go to work early in the morning. I could never be able to handle restlessness like that.

In a sense, I believe what the book states about success and happiness according to extroversion. As people age, it is important to have friendships because social support leads to resilience. Having a close trusting friend to share our fears, goals, and struggles helps us to release negativity and move on in our lives.

Test your extraversion:

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