Friday, November 5, 2010

Incentive Value of Task Success

A few semesters ago when browsing through the list of classes, I was trying decide what professor I wanted to take for a particular class I needed for major to graduate. Many people told me one professor is really easy and to take them because I would definitely get an A but probably not learn much. The other teacher who taught the class was known as being more difficult, which meant I wouldn't be receiving that "Easy A." I decided to take the harder professor because I obviously needed this course and wanted to really understand what was being taught to me. I worked really hard and ended up finishing with an "A" but now looking back, I realized how high the incentive level was. I knew I could have finished with an "A" in the other class but chose to challenge myself and give myself some type of incentive to actually work toward the grade I deserve and actually process what was being taught.
Many times in school I have come across many situations similar to this one. I have always struggled with receiving good grades in school and always worked very hard for what I have received. I love giving myself a challenge and working towards the goal. Losing weight is also another huge challenge. I know a lot of people who do crash diets and drop 10 pounds in a week. I love having the incentive to work towards something over a long period of time and actually achieving what I really want. Sometimes that means that I can't eat or drink something I want, but when I am motivated towards achievement, I give my absolute best. I do this because I know how strong the reward is in the end.


  1. I really like how you described incentives. I completely understand that when you work harder for something, in the long run the pain or suffering along the way is totally worth it in the end. I agree with you about the whole crash diet thing as well.. and usually the end up gaining all the weight back anyway (and sometimes more). I like your inspiration that you want to do the best you can too.