Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Has Your Exercise Program Become Redundant?

For many, working out can become a monotonous act…doing the same routines day in and day out; especially when you are attempting to do it alone, but there is a solution to this dilemma and its adding music that motivates you to move to your repertoire. Bartlett discusses the physiological effects of upbeat tunes in chapter six of our text, and it was revealed that such stimulating music produces an increase in heart-rate, muscle tension, electrodermal responses, respiration rate, and blood pressure, which are all positive responses when engaging in physical exercise, but it does even more this.

Dr. Kravitz, from the University of New Mexico has discovered that music tempi increases motivation which encourages participants to engage in physical activity for longer periods of time and such tempi also has a relaxing effect which allows these participants to ignore discomfort signals from increased respiration. According to Kravitz, “Researchers found that subjects who exercised at 40% intensity and listened to self-selected music had a lower rating of perceived exertion than those who did not listen to music. “ In examining arousal regulation the sports journal had introduced the idea that music alters emotional and physiological arousal and therefore can be used prior to competitions or training activities as a stimulant or can also be used as a sedative to calm anxious feelings that may hinder performance.

Music has the unique ability to push a person forward during a workout…You can say it’s your motivational coach cheering you on from the sidelines while at the same time giving you an energy boost to keep you moving along. I know from personal experience there is a marked difference in my overall performance when having music versus not having it or listening to something undesirable. With upbeat music I enjoy I lose track of time, I’m focused on my end goal…I’m in the zone; without it I get distracted, but most importantly bored and wind up ending my session half way through. So plug in those radios and iPods, pick up the tempo, and power through.


  1. I completely agree and understand!! If I do not have music, I most definitely can not workout. Like you mentioned, working out can become monotonous. There have been times where I drove to the gym and realized I don't have my ipod with me. I either drove back home, or my workout was way shorter than it normally is. Music has a way of keeping you occupied so that working out does not become a chore.

  2. Absolutely correct. When i work out with music i am more focused, less likely to get distracted like you said, and i work out harder because it gets me pumped up. Also like you said it depends on the selection of music, upbeat fast paced motivating music works best to get your heart rate going. Besides who feels like running two miles with just the sound of yourself panting to listen to. Throw on some sweet tunes and get in the zone. Another good way to prevent workout monotony is switching up your workout every week or so. Don't always do the same exact thing branch out confuse the muscles. And also like you said a partner always helps, just to ensure you get into the gym cause just getting in there on a consistent basis is half the battle for many people (including me) and making plans with someone helps ensure you get your body in that gym. Just better not forget those sweet jams.