Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Universal Motivation to be Thin

I am writing this post on behalf of women everywhere. The motivation to lose weight has been a struggle for most of society. We see the adds everywhere, we hear the gossip in magazines, about healthy women who are "too fat," when they are perfectly normal. Hollywood creates a picture that the skinnier you are, the prettier you are, the more attention you'll get and the more popular you'll be.

Most of us have fallen victim to these images, whether we see it or not. We are constantly on diets and comparing ourselves to others. It is a constant battle for us to accept ourselves. These images have created the our universal motive to be thin, and we will have everything.

Ellen brought this issue to light, with the girls from Glamour magazine. We have been starving for the truth, the truth that not all women have a size 1 frame, and starving ourselves to depict a certain image will not result in happiness. Dove started with its adds with normal women and step by step, our universal motive will be happy and healthy, no matter what size we are.

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  1. As a 22 year old girl, I know exactly how it feels to fall victim to all of these portrayals of what is 'beautiful' and 'skinny'. There is such social pressure to be perfect because of what is seen in the media, yet that perfection is nearly impossible to achieve. I feel like because of this, nobody appreciates themselves, or recognizes their beauty for who they are anymore. Girls end up with eating disorders, plastic surgeries, body dysmorphic disorder, whatever it may be, people strive for that beauty they think is expected of them. Not only that, but half of the 'beautiful' people portrayed are edited to the point where they look nothing to what they look like in real life. Dove is doing a good thing by trying to express how everyone is beautiful just simply because you're you. However, it's gonna take a ton of effort to undo this awful image of 'beauty' that is exposed to us as a society, and until then it's going to be a constant struggle for many people.