Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Recently in the book I read about drugs and alcohol and how it affects the brain. Last semester I did research on women and what the alcohol consumption men want actually want them to drink. On college campus there are often social gatherings where drugs and alcohol can be found; some people use this as a way to fit in. I think women think with their brains and not with their hearts with it comes to social drinking. Alcohol misuse and abuse has been happening on college campuses for decades now. People know the effect alcohol has on the human body but still consume it. The study conducted by Jessica Cail, Justin F. Hummer, Joseph W. LaBric, and Andrew Lac (2009) researches how women drink more than they did in the past.

There have been plenty of studies that have proven that women physiological make up can’t tolerate consuming the same amount of alcohol as men’s can. In this study women were asked how much alcohol they think men like women to drink. Men were asked how much alcohol they prefer women to drink. Both sexes’ answers were compared and contrasted. They hypothesized that female college students would overestimate the amount of alcohol that male students want them to drink, and that these expectations would be associated with their drinking behavior over and above their perceptions of other women’s drinking. (p. 158).

Women who drink more to for social status will be shocked to learn that men prefer women who drink lighter at social events. The study found that college women do overestimate the amount of alcohol male peers want a college woman to drink. Results showed that men preferred women who they were dating to drink less than their friends and sexual partners. One suggestion for this result may be men don’t want their significant other drinking more at social events around their peers. Alcohol affects women differently than it does men. A drunken girlfriend may be more of an embarrassment than if the female was a friend or sexual partner. Results also show that women believe men like when women drink at risky levels. Women need to remember their appearance is a representation of their self worth.

Cail, J., Hummer, J., LaBric, J., & Lac, A. (2009). What men want: the role of reflective opposite- sex normative preferences in alcohol use among college women., 23 (1), 157-162.


  1. I also think that men do not like it when women out beat them in something. Men think drinking beer and hanging out with their friends is “their thing to do” and if a girl out drinks them their self-esteem (I guess you can say) lowers a little. Men do not like to be beaten by a girl therefore think girls should drink less. I remember back a few years ago my cousin was staying with me, I knew he wasn’t a heavy vodka drinker but that was what I was drinking. We were all doing shots and I told him I think he should stop, well because I said that he wanted to do double the amount I did. Needless to say he was throwing up and had a hang over for a few days after. Though what all the studies say about women and drinking, they are not going to stop. The girls I see the most that actually ruin my nights are the ones that don’t eat at all and think its ok to pound drinks back and act a fool.

  2. I really like your post. I was shocked to hear that men actually perfer us women not drinking that much. I am not sure how much I believe it, though I am basing this on college experience where lets just say boys will be boys and the more they have girls drink the less dumb they may appear to look. I also think that the rise of drinking in females is due to the lack of stereotype they have nowadays. Years ago women were supposed to be prim and proper and sip champagne and wine on special occasions. Gladly that it has broke from that shell, girls drinking beer is just as common as when the guys do.