Saturday, October 2, 2010

Is it Attraction or the Perfect Checklist...Sex Appeal

Who knew that when walking down the halls, grocery shopping, or drinking at a bar, noticing someone of the opposite sex, and labeling them as being attractive just means that we are simply checking off a list of predetermined characteristics. It is subconsciously engraved in our brains the features of those who we consider attractive and who possess the genes to have healthy offspring.

Instinctively our minds know who the perfect mate for each of us is, or at least which qualities to look for. Men are “programmed” to look for feminine looking faces, higher pitched voices, and curvy features. While females look for the exact opposite in men, masculine features, low, deep voices with broad body types. I think we can all agree that these are normally the types; we let our eyes linger on more than others.

Sex is a powerful motive that drives people into different behaviors. Companies use sexually suggestive photos in order to sell their products, a prime example is the restaurant Hooters, sex sells. Humans are driven by sex appeal and the list of stereotypical characteristics that most cultures find attractive. Driven by instinct or innate visions of what is considered attractive and necessary for survival.


  1. I found your post to be very interesting. It explains why we are attracted to the people we are. I also think the media plays a big part in what we think is attractive and it can change our minds from what we really want to what is "picture perfect."

  2. i love this post because it made me think alot about my personal interests in a guy and how much the media has affected my thoughts and feelings towards a guys appearance.

  3. I agree with many things you wrote in your post. It is like a check list, and sometimes we are unconsciously doing it in our brain. I believe, the first thing that attracts a person to another is obviously physical attraction. One must like the physical characteristics first. Though many people try not to be shallow, I feel as though people cannot help it. We are just seek out these desirable traits when looking for a mate.