Thursday, October 14, 2010

Social drive to overeating

We all know we need food in order to survive as human beings. Food provides energy and nutrients in order to keep us healthy and alive. As we learned in class, we have a natural motive to maintain homeostasis or regulation in the body. For example, if you haven’t eaten for a few hours, you may experience physiological symptoms like blood sugar dropping, iron level dropping, dizzy or weak feeling, or your stomach growling for the world to hear. These symptoms are telling your body that it needs nutrients, which motivates you to find food. (Deckers103-110)

Once you have accomplished your goal of finding food there are multiple ways your body can detect that you are full. Studies done with rats and infants have shown that the body can detect when they have had a certain amount of calories regardless of the portion size. Studies have also shown that nutrients in the blood send can release hormones such as CCK, which signals to your brain that you are full and to stop eating So why do so many of us over eat or eat when we are not even hungry? (Deckers 113-117)

Food is something that can be very pleasurable to anyone. To satisfy one’s hunger and maintain homeostasis can be produce a pleasurable feeling. However, just reaching homeostasis is not the only thing that drives someone to eat. The appearance, smell, and taste of food can motivate someone to eat even when they are not hungry. Recently, my friends and I fasted for the day before we went out for a friend’s birthday. The amazing Italian restaurant served delicious and fresh food in large beautiful portions. The food was so good we ate until our stomachs hurt and there was still food left over. Even though we could barely move when we got home, we had to eat some birthday cake after smelling it throughout the house. We naturally crave foods that are high in fat and sugar content because they provide us with the most energy and faster satisfaction. My friend’s birthday dinner was no exception. (Deckers 117-124)

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