Sunday, October 17, 2010

Is Social Networking a PRO or is it a CON?

We all know about the latest success of, but before Facebook it was It’s obvious how social network sites grew towards their fortune and fame. Users became addicted! Their popularity grew from people being attracted which caused others to “spread the word." But before these big time networking sites, people spent a lot of time blogging similar to! The term blog stems from the word web log, and these have existed since the internet has been invented.

Procrastinating is found among heavy Facebook users. According to an article written by Megan Rizzo, Facebook can be a big waste of time. She believes these Facebook habits are almost impossible to break! Some people even go on Facebook in the workplace, which may put their jobs in jeopardy.

As a 21yr old college student, I am glad I’ve noticed the hazards of social networking. I plan to acquire a good job someday so I must be aware of my social network surroundings at all times. Also, the relationships I have with people will define me as a “Social Networker.”

To demonstrate my interest in the Childhood Obesity Dilemma, I’ve created my very own social network. My website is a way for American’s to become educated on the benefits of achieving Wellness. I now advertise it on and most of my friends know I’m serious about my career.



  1. I think social networking is most certainly a pro...It puts you in contact with people that can actually be of value to you in regards to career moves and such, however, there is a dark side and it rears its ugly head when individuals become addicted to these sites. With addiction, comes isolation, with isolation comes depression...its a horrid cycle, so people must be aware, and always mindful of their usage. If their not they just might become yet another statistic sitting in front of the flashing screen and disconnected from reality.

  2. Facebook can definetly become a big distraction and a factor of procrastination. I always hear friends saying they are on Facebook rather than doing homework. I work in the Wellnes Center on campus and the secretaries go on Facebook during work, which takes out of work time. Oveerall, Facebook takes up a lot of time and a way many people procrastinate.

  3. If survey's were taken, how many people would you predict to suffer from this addiction??

    Do you think Socail Networking is a Gateway to other mis-behaviors such as bullying?

  4. Social Networking is at its best as a very convenient tool for connecting to friends and family who live far away. Other than that I don't enjoy the insanity that is facebook, for there is much better things to do with ones time then watering a virtual plant. Also in terms of procrastination, I believe the internet in general can defined as just one giant procrastinator's playground.