Friday, October 22, 2010

Innonce in Eating

How many times have you innocently taken an extra piece of cake? Have you ever done it? I have done it before. My cake flavor of choice: Chocolate! Well I’m sure we have all, at one point time, deliberately taken an additional serving of our favorite type of food. During the act we exhibit a great deal of contentment and pleasantness. Because why else would we continue to eat it, the first serving must have been very good and appetizing. . For instance, cephalic responses occur when you smell food, and react physiologically to the food depending on the level of insulin, body's need for sugar and last time ate.

In other words, physiologically need can be a reason why you might want another piece of cake. As a result, of the glucose level being very low, to the point that your body needs the sugar. In other words, the body's homeostasis was disturbed with the lack of sugar intake. Due to the set point being unbalance the body goes through unpleasantness physiologically. Since the cake contains the sugar, which is what the body was needs at the period in time.To alleviate the unpleasantness the person will intake what's needed. As a result alliesthesia can occur, during this process the body will restore itself and return to normal (of level of insulin). The body returning to normalcy becomes physiologically pleasant.

Alliesthesia is the change in a person's physiological state to unpleasant or pleasant. When the body is converts unpleasantness to pleasantness, alliesthesia creates that motivation and gives pleasure with the restoration of the homeostasis. Serving yourself that piece of delicious, rich, chocolate cake can be because your body was needing it, or because your body was wanting it? That's a very good question. It shouldn't mean your committing an act of crime because you decide to take an extra piece of cake. Perhaps, is an occurrence of palatabity, a hedonic value of how nice or pleasurable it is or looks based on texture, flavor, aroma, and availability.

So which is it, you may say. The exact answer I don't know. The extra slice of cake to meant to become physiologically pleasant? or to meant to become psychologically indulged.
I can answer, for myself, that I will take the extra piece to indulge myself always when it will be pleasant.

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