Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Addicted to Nicotine

When we were talking about addiction during the last class, the first thing that came to mind was this recent story of a 2-year-old Indonesian baby smoking 40 cigarettes a day. This is obviously mind blowing to think a child can actually have the ability to light a cigarette and feel addicted to them at such a young age. What is even more disturbing is the parents allowing this behavior, saying that their son is “perfectly healthy.”

Disregarding the ignorance of this terribly sad situation, this story tells that the addiction takes on a life of its’ own. It was stated in the clip that he would “bang his head against the wall” if he didn't have cigarettes throughout the day. This not only tells us how bad cigarettes are for a human being, but a natural reaction to the withdraw of such a highly addictive substance. Luckily, because this baby is so young, the addiction will be able to decrease slowly but surely while he is in treatment. The scary thing about it is it’s even harder when we are adults, to quit this addiction.

Nicotine is one of the worst addictions in the world. It is legal and tolerated to a certain point, but now, more than ever, there is more awareness for the affects of smoking. There are billboards, commercials and committees dedicated to stopping this deadly habit. In the words of my Personality Psychology professor, “If you haven’t started, don’t try it and if you are smoking, quit.” It’s a terrible habit to fall into, but a lifelong reward for those who overcome their nicotine addictions.

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  1. I had heard about this story a few weeks ago and thought it was a joke until I actually viewed the video for myself. It is unbelievable that people allowed this to even go on after the child probably mistakenly picked up the ciggarette the first time. A two year old does not know what he/she is doing at this point nor does he/she know the consequences. I always heard of another young child around the same age doing a different type of drug frequently, but have not seen the video for that one.