Saturday, October 16, 2010

Strange Addictions

Due to the addictive qualities of harsh drugs, alcohol and cigarettes it is easy to understand why some people find themselves surrounded with nothing but their addictions. However how do we explain addictions to substances or activities that have no addictive properties? What is there to say to those who eat chalk or toilet paper?


  1. Wow that video was crazy. I heard of people eating crazy foods but never the scabs of their head. That is when I had to stop watching or I was going to throw up! People who eat chalk I can not really say much about it becuase I had a techer who would eat it because she said it was full of calcuim. I remember when I was little a boy I knew would eat paper so really they are not to far off.

  2. Seeing this makes me wonder why and how people start these different addictions. Maybe it's nervousness that leads to a hard to quit habit? I'm not really sure how to take these addictions. I think that this is such an interesting topic.

  3. The original question "how do we explain these bizarre addictions" is a tough question to answer. I suppose that people who are addicted to eating chalk or scabs or trash are in some way or another faced with the same type of addiction as a gambling addict; there is something about the behavior to that person that is so rewarding or fulfilling that it becomes so invasive that it begins to affect many facets of a person's life, no matter how strange or odd it may seem to us.
    I saw a clip on TV one time of this guy in India who would eat lightbulbs and glass, so I searched for it on youtube and I found this... If anyone is really that interested to watch this video.