Tuesday, October 19, 2010

how hungry is hungry?


After reviewing this website, I began to analyze what my idea of hunger really is. I definitely love to eat. I will say I'm starving when I'm feeling the slightest bit hungry. When I actually haven't eaten in awhile, it's like the end of the world. So now I'm left wondering, how hungry is hungry? I can eat mostly any time of the day and like I said, I will complain of hunger more than I probably should. But at what point am I really in need of food so desperately? I watch crazy survival shows where people live a week without food and I cannot even begin to imagine what that is even like. However, it does make me think I'm probably not as "hungry" as I claim to be.

I then thought about why I get hungry.I understand hunger occurs when food is absent from your stomach but after thinking about it I get hungry for many different reasons. When my friends are eating, I'm hungry. When I'm bored, I'm hungry. When I'm stressed, definitely hungry. I'm truly starting to believe eating is hardly to survive anymore, especially for me. It becomes very social now that I think about it. Everyday my friends and I eat together and talk or go out on the weekends to dinner.

When it comes to being full, that is also a different story. I always catch myself eating even when I know I'm completely stuffed! I never could understand why I needed that overly full, stuffed feeling. I'm now trying to tell myself to take half home automatically so I do not overeat! Reading over this hunger scale is now giving me another outlook on being full and how "hungry" I should and shouldn't be.

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