Sunday, October 31, 2010

How stress can affect your health

        I am almost certain that each and every one of us has been in some type of situation that made us experience stress.  Whether it be school, your job, personal relationships, etc.  In some way, shape or form, we have all been exposed to stress.  Every one even has their own ways of coping through or with stress.  Some people exercise, some talk with friends or family, and some even resort, unfortunately, to alcohol, cigarettes and even drugs.  But either way, this is how we react when we are put in a stressful situation. 
        When you cope in unsuccessful ways, it can lead to many medical issues, illnesses and diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, weight gain/loss and even depression, too.  The amount of stress each of us experiences on a day to day basis is likely to increase the chance of one of this "stress related" conditions.  
        As humans, our body is prepared to experience and deal with stress.  And actually, stress is not necessarily always negative.  Positive stress can keep us alert in situations and ready to avoid danger if it occurs.  The reason is becomes negative is when someone experiences challenges that are continuous, with no relief or relaxation.  The result= an overworked person and stress related tension, according to one of my favorite websites, ""  
        Remember, stress affects us all in some way or another, and every one is capable of dealing with it.  Exercise if it makes you feel better, talk with someone who will listen to your problems, learn to relax with various techniques (yoga and mediation are popular these days!), and most importantly- take care of yourself and your body.  Get enough sleep, eat healthy and avoid alcohol and eating unhealthy and don't overeat when you're stressed- it will make you feel worse!



  1. I enjoyed your comment on stress. It is true that stress can really take its toll on so many of us. I for one do believe that stress can be related to many illnesses and diseases. I know that when I am stressed I can actually sense my body feels defeated. As you mentioned, physical activity or meditation can definitely help alleviate the stress. I took a positive psychology course over the summer, and we learned so many ways to cope with stress, that I still am using today. The professor also noted that stress really does not exist, and it is all on how you perceive it. Knowing this has helped with dealing with stress, too.