Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tuna Taste Aversion

Taste aversions are so interesting to me. I personally have a taste aversion to sea food. I know, I know how could anyone not like sea food right? Well I defiantly have some aversion to it. I hate the smell, I hate how it looks, and I especially hate how it tastes. When I was younger I used to eat it all the time. My mom often talks about how my brother and I would eat all of the fish she would make before my dad got home and she would have to yell at us to stop, I however refuse to believe such a thing ever happened. The only sea food I didn't have an aversion to was Tuna Fish. I actually Used to like it a lot. Until recently that is. I would eat tuna fish all the time. Tuna fish salads, tuna fish sandwiches, and tuna fish on crackers. I used to love it. Then one fateful day I was eating a delicious tuna fish salad that I made myself. I had carefully prepared the tuna and shredded it properly, took my time. I sat down to watch my favorite daytime show, The Price is Right, and halfway through my salad I took a bite and there was something hard, and sharp, and well just not ok, in my mouth. I freaked out and spit out everything. There was a bone in my tuns fish. The shock of having something I didn't expect in my mouth completely ruined my love for tuna fish salads, and for a while salads all together. Even The Price is Right had caught some backlash from the incident.
The point of my horrifying story, you might not find it horrifying but I sure did, is that people develop aversions in a matter of seconds. From the time it took me to take that bite to the second I spit it out I no longer could eat tuna fish. Now I understand not all tuna will have bones in it but for me it has been ruined forever. There is a permanent fear linked to it and there is nothing I can do to make it go away. Well I suppose I could go to therapy and one day I would work through my fear and finally be able to eat tuna again, but it's not that big of a deal to me. Its really fascinating to watch an aversion develop.

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