Sunday, August 6, 2023

Soft commitment post #1

     The topic of soft commitment was very interesting to me. We learned that soft commitment is the development of valuable patterns of behavior that bridges over individual temptations. This includes the substitution of “positive addictions,” such as social activity or exercise, for “negative addictions,” such as drug abuse or overeating.

    This type of behavioral conditioning is highly influenced by what the person values more. For example, someone who values being productive throughout the day may choose to set an alarm to wake up early and have more time to get themselves together. As where a person who values sleep more, may give themselves more time to sleep than to have time to get ready.

    When there is a pattern of behavior, and its interruption is costly, in the sense that a person would pay some price or forgo some reward not to have it interrupted, a person may be thought of as “committed” to its completion. A soft commitment is considered soft because there is a way out. The pattern is able to be interrupted, but it is also a commitment, because its interruption is costly.

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