Friday, August 4, 2023

 Taste aversion is a psychological phenomenon in which an individual develops a strong and often long-lasting dislike for a specific food or drink after associating it with a negative experience, such as nausea or illness. This response is a survival mechanism that helps humans and animals avoid potentially harmful substances. For me this happens when I smell or am near seafood. I immediately get nauseous and cant even be around it. Its crazy to think your brain is powerful enough to create a defense mechanism to something as simple as a food you dislike. As a picky eater this is something that I go through so often sometimes without even trying it to begin with. Another thing that makes me nauseous when I even look at it is seltzer water. Ive thrown up just thinking about the taste. The Role of Classical Conditioning in Taste Aversions


  1. Great post! Similar to you, I get nauseous when I see sushi since I got food poisoning from it once. It is truly crazy how the food you once loved can turn into something that you dislike.

  2. I agree that it is crazy how certain smells or foods can make feel nauseous. I have felt this way before too.