Sunday, August 6, 2023


 Drugs.... this topic hits home to me because i witnessed it growing up. For one i lived near a area where there were drugs sold at every corner. At the age of 7 i knew what heroin bags looked like and I've seen fatal over doses. It amazes me and saddens me how powerful addiction can be. When most people think drugs, they think of weed (sometimes), heroin, cocaine,LSD, mushrooms, meth and others. But not caffeine or nicotine. One of my parents was a ex drug addict and i swore to never do drugs yet here i am 1:35am drinking a monster because i need a boost or pick me up. So many people are technical "drug addicts." SO many people are addicts as well. There are other things like porn, social media, technology. I know most people would go insane if electric grids went off. Of course some can have positive "addictions" eating healthy, working out. But when that line is cross, are they much different from the porn watcher. Sure you work out but what if you push your body pass its breaking point.Eating healthy is great, but what happen if you dont eat enough because your obsessed with eating "so healthy." Drugs arent the only things causing addiction. 

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  1. Hi Tatyana! I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your personal story regarding the topics of drugs. I really enjoyed your take on addiction and what that can look like. I also wrote about caffeine addiction. I also enjoyed that you mentioned how healthy habits can become an u healthy addiction. I agree completely with you. As someone who is decently involved in the weight lifting scene, I have seen first hand experience just how dangerous and obsessive people can become with aesthetics.