Saturday, August 5, 2023

Food #1

My son, he absolutely loves sweets. I never realized that it was a preferred taste all around for babies. It also amazed me how they did a study on carrot juice and the babies ended u enjoying the carrot flavors. When I was pregnant, I Loved chicken, when my son started eating purees, he loved chicken as well. Just is amazing to me how strong food can be even in utero. I also liked reading on the conditioning of food. I stress eat constantly. Im currently munching as i typed this due to being stressed. Again it shows how powerful food can be.

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  1. Hi Tatyana, I love that you were able to relate this to a personal experience and appreciate you sharing! The strength of food in utero is extremely interesting! I learned that when my mom was pregnant she loved sauerkraut and now I cannot even be around the smell without feeling nauseous! It's interesting how it can be whether it be obsession with a food or the complete opposite.