Monday, August 7, 2023

#1 Impulsivity & Self Control

Impulsive behavior occurs when one takes quick action without thinking through its consequences. Everybody can occasionally act impulsively, especially when we are young. In general, we tend how to control our impulses as we get older. Although the exact causes of impulsivity aren't well-known, however, environmental and genetic factors might be the cause of impulsivity. When we act erratically, we have a tendency to react to stimuli before giving them much thought. Being impulsive may result in adverse consequences, including rash judgments, disagreements, risky actions, financial damage, legal damage, etc. "Sam quit smoking. He must have a lot of willpower." This is not an explanation, and it doesn't explain why he was able to quit smoking. Sometimes loved ones inspire one to get willpower. One needs to be themselves and what they really value. I like the example of the marshmallow, and it is about one controlling them from doing what they want to do. The kid was given a marshmallow and told to wait so they can get another one. Or they can eat.  Most of them waited until the lady came back. The kids had the patience not to eat it and the desire to get a reward. They wanted to get an extra marshmallow, so they didn't eat the ones they had. This is a motivation! A motivation to get something more. It's not easy to avoid impulsive choices, but if there's a will, there's a way. Although I'm not religious, when I follow, I follow my religion seriously. Therefore, I tend to think about the harmful (forbidden, negative) consequences regards impulsive choices.

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  1. I loved your summary! The marshmallows with the kids were a great way to show how impulsive we are. Although that was with children, and they are way more impulsive than adults. Adults also can still be very impulsive. Including me.