Thursday, August 3, 2023

discussion post 1: impulsivity and self control

    Impulsivity and Self Control

Impulsivity and self-control can be something I find very challenging. I can have self-control and control my impulses, but I have the worst case of procrastination. I feel like I work better if I am pressured into doing something such as an assignment an hour or two before it is due. I have always been this way and I am sure I learned this from my dad because he is just the same way and my mom is the opposite. It can be hard for me to do anything even if I know the due date. I struggle so much with procrastination and I have tried very hard to control it but it can be hard. I also think it is because I get easily distracted whether it is on my phone or playing video games, I take even longer to do anything. I do want to try something out in order to stop procrastinating. 


  1. Hi Cristell, I totally get where you're coming from with the impulsivity and procrastination struggles. It's interesting how you've noticed that pressure helps you perform better, even though it's a bit of a risky approach. I can relate to the distraction part too, especially with phones and games. It's cool that you're open to trying new strategies to tackle procrastination – maybe exploring specific techniques could make a big difference!

  2. I agree with you that procrastination is hard to overcome as I struggle with it as well. I usually have to move myself to a better environment to get stuff done.