Monday, August 7, 2023

#2 Reproduction

"People with higher physical attractiveness are better at attracting mates and have more sexual experiences." I believe it's essential for one to select one with some good traits. Although physical attractiveness is important but that doesn't last long. That attractiveness fades away or expires after a while. Appearance is an excellent biological sign of intelligence, an excellent immune system, healthy offspring, and responsible parenting. I believe people don't look for high or low their time selecting partners with high mate value or low. They choose what they like at the moment. The sex differences in long-term mate selection have surprised me. I wasn't aware of the difference. Women select their mates to increase the chance of survival to a few offspring, and men select to produce many offspring. I found it very interesting. However, it makes sense that women prefer someone financially stable, determined, and industrious. These traits are essential to have a successful family. While men like those who are good-looking, and this indicates fertility. Fertility is an essential trait needed to produce "many children." Emotions that are negative like jealousy can be brought on by the notion of abandoning one's partner. Compared to males, women encounter higher sorrow from emotional infidelity. It makes sense because women are more emotional than men. The structural powerless hypothesis explains why women prefer men who are intelligent, determined, dedicated and have financial prospects. Women prefer males who have financial benefits since they have fewer economic possibilities and lack the power to get them. However, I wasn't aware that men report distress from sexual infidelity more than women. It was fascinating to learn about the biosocial theory.


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  2. Great summary! I was also fascinated to know that men report more distress from sexual infidelity more than women. I always thought that it was something women would stress over more rather than men.