Sunday, August 6, 2023

Drug Addiction and Motivation post #2

     I was impressed that the topic of drug addiction and behavioral addiction had made it into the motivational psychology course. There is a direct correlation between self control, impulsivity, rewards, and addiction. I am a recovering drug addict with 8 years clean. I work in the substance use field as well. I can say that there is no amount of will power or self control that can help a person stop using. Most people continue to use substances, even with the knowledge of the negative outcomes that are associated with their behaviors. 12 step fellowships refer to this as "using against your will". Despite seeing the relationships that are severed and the negative situations that occur in their lives due to their use, they are unable to stop. 

    Years ago, there was much more stigma attached to the topic of drug addiction. Now professions, like social work, take a human first perspective on the situation and attempt to spread this type of compassion. Some new developments include using the term "person suffering from substance use disorder" or "person addicted to drugs", instead of "drug addict". Another change made is the use of terminology towards maintenance such as suboxone and methadone. They used to call this medically assisted treatment (MAT), they now use the title medically supported recovery (MSR). These simple changes can affect the way that people view the world of substance use. By smashing the stigma associated with using, it allows people that suffer from substance use to feel more comfortable seeking help. 


  1. For starters, congratulations on being sober. I know how hard that can be and i am very proud of you. The stigma is changing and i love it. The compassion is needed. Addiction is a illness just as depression. I didnt know they changed the name from MAT to MSR. Thats amazing.

  2. Hi Nicole, I just wanted to say congratulations on your sobriety. That is something to truly be proud of. I just wanted to thank you on sharing this with us. I took a course on drug epidemics and I work in a operating room where we treat a large amount of people struggling with addictions. I truly hate when people judge and stigmatize addiction, as it can literally happen to anyone.