Thursday, August 3, 2023

Discussion Post #3: Impulsivity & Self-Control

  Impulsivity has always been a very big motivator in my life. Growing up my mom was really strict and did not let me experience a lot of things a kid should be able to do, like hanging out with friends or getting a job. I did not get to make a lot of mistakes and learn from them. Now as an adult with my own money and in college, I tend to try to make up for time lost. A lot of the decisions I make are very impulsive. I tend to blow money on stupid things, I get tattoos or piercings or dye my hair the same day I have an itch for it, and I go to parties when I know I have homework due the next day. Although this can be detrimental in retrospect, I still have that responsible kid in the back of my mind so that I do not take it too far. I still have some self-control.


  1. Hi,
    Self-control involves resisting temptations and making good choices. Although it may be harder for you to not make impulsive decisions, there are definitely ways you can improve and work towards having more self-control in your daily life. Great post!

  2. Ja-Nae,
    Thank you for allowing us to see how impulsivity and self control play a part in your personal life. I too suffer from making impulsive decisions. As we learned in class, self control is not an issue of willpower but an issue of conflicting outcomes. For me, if I give myself the opportunity to pause, "play the tape out" or weigh out the outcomes, then I am able to make less impulsive decisions. I hope this might help you too.