Thursday, August 3, 2023

discussion two: food



I absolutely love food. But only food I know I will like. I am very picky with my food and up until recently, I was able to try new foods because of my boyfriend. He grew up very differently from me, and he grew up eating completely different foods than me. I always felt comfortable eating things I know I will like and sadly, that is mostly all plain food. I can now eat a wider variety of foods and being able to try new foods has “opened” new doors of trying food for me. I hope when I have a child I can be able to teach them to try foods that even I didn’t like. Learning about babies and their food preferences is so interesting to me because babies are pretty much “blank slates” and they learn what food they like and what food they don’t like. 


  1. Hi Cristell, I really enjoyed and related to your post. I grew up in a very hispanic household with a mom who made the same hispanic meals for dinner. My boyfriend on the other hand grew up not only eating out all the time but constantly trying food from different cultures. I honestly use to only eat what I knew and when I would go to restaurants had one thing I would order on repeat of their menus. Now with him, we make it a habit to try something new every other weak and I am realizing I enjoy a lot of things I wouldn't have expected myself to like.

  2. Hi Cristell, I'm glad that you are able to now try new food. This reminds me of the innate preferences and that you tend to lean toward what you know and are comfortable with. It is definitely important to branch out and try different things because you can learn preferences as well! I like how you mentioned that babies are basically blank slates because that is so true. I hope you continue to try new things and develop more preferences as you grow and learn about new foods.