Thursday, August 3, 2023

Discussion Post #1: Food

 When I read about the food slides, taste aversion really stuck with me. Taste aversion is when you associate a food you strongly dislike with the taste and smell of nausea. This reminded me of foods I have and used to have a taste aversion for. When I was younger, I had very painful menstrual cycles. One night my dad made squid rice for dinner. The pain was unbearable and caused me to throw up. After that, I could not even smell the squid rice without feeling nauseous. However, I was able to get over it after a few times of smelling it and finally forcing myself to eat it. I had a similar experience when my brother's dad cooked tilapia in a butter and onion sauce. I had thrown up after eating some. This time, the smell was so potent that I would actually gag when I smelled him cooking it. To this day, I refuse to eat it and have to be in the room furthest from the kitchen to keep from gagging.


  1. I have never tried squid rice before, but I have thrown up with just white rice. And I was also on my menstrual cycle. It was horrible and I don't ever want to experience it again so I completely avoid white rice at ANY cost. And now there are certain smells of food that even if I think about them I start getting nauseous. I completely understand you, great post!

  2. Interesting post! I also found it really interesting to learn about taste aversion. I got food poisoning a couple months ago from sushi and have not been able to eat it ever since. Similar to your experience, I also feel nauseous and refuse to eat it.