Thursday, August 3, 2023

Discussion Post #2: Drugs

 Drugs have always been a very big issue in my family. I have watched my father struggle with alcoholism, my sister's father struggle with alcoholism and drug abuse, my uncle struggle with drug abuse, and both my parents struggle with a caffeine addiction. When you are a kid, it can be hard to see the signs. But as an adult, I look back and notice just how much drugs motivated them to do terrible things just to get that fix. Some people may think a caffeine addiction is no big deal. However, both of my parents cannot go a day without drinking coffee or they will get a migraine. I have even watched my mom go through withdrawals when she tried to stop drinking soda and coffee. It was so bad that even her doctor told her that her blood pressure was dropping so fast because she was not getting a caffeine intake and that she should work on weening herself off. But, of course, that did not work because an addiction is an addiction, it is hard to stop.

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