Saturday, July 30, 2022

Too Much Pressure Can Impact Your Mental Health

When pressure becomes excessive in someone’s life, it can impact them negatively by causing them stress, anxiety, and unhappiness that if these feelings are prolonged they can experience burnout. Unfortunately, if an individual continues to experience constant stress that leads to burnout they can develop psychological, emotional, and behavioral problems because many of the negative effects were prolonged for too long. Now, there are ways to help yourself if you are experiencing an excessive amount of pressure. A way to help yourself when you are under pressure is by evaluating the situation and determining if it is worth all the stress it is causing you. One can question their self by questioning “is this issue fixable and if it is, is it worth fixing or is my mental health more important? Another way is planning ahead of time to see what fits in your schedule and what does not fit. Balance is a need not a want and I write this post because one can only imagine the amount of pressure Shackleton and his crew felt during the expedition. This link is whereyou caan determine if you are burning out:

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  1. Hi Gaby, I really enjoyed your post. It was a nice reminder to reevaluate the things that are personally stressing me out and to question if it's out of my hands and whether its worth stressing over. This post also made me realize that so many people are burnt out and don't even realize the impact it has on their emotional and psychological state.